Joomla Video Tutorial FAQ's

Joomla Video Tutorial FAQ's

Below you will find frequently asked questions concerning our Joomla Video Tutorials.

Should the answer(s) to the question(s) you are looking for not be answered, please feel free to contact us, or write your question in our forum.

Does offer personal Joomla training?
Does offer videos for 3rd party Joomla extensions?
Downloading with Internet Explorer
I downloaded the file, but all I get is one file, now what?
I have purchased and downloaded the video and it is not working.
What will personal Joomla training cost me?
When I order, how do I pay for the Joomla Video Tutorial?
Why do I need to download the movie?

Free Joomla Video Tutorial

We are upgrading our videos! Until that time, our current Joomla Video Tutorials are available for free, zip, nada!

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Make a test drive

Test drive Joomla Video TutorialDo you want to make a test drive first before your purchase? Go to our download-section and download the free 28 minute tutorial on how to backup and restore your Joomla! website.

Purchase Tutorials

Download Joomla Video TutorialAfter purchase you will receive a download link per e-mail.

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All-in-one Zip file

Each of our Joomla Video Tutorials come in an easy all-in-one ZIP package. No tedious browsing webpages to view your tutorials. You can watch your videos offline anytime!

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