Hours of valuable Joomla information
Written by Piet Nutbey   

Learn Joomla with video tutorials while having teaHours of valuable Joomla videos for just $25

Joomtorial.com offers hours of valuable Joomla Video Tutorials for the insane low price of $25. You can now learn Joomla while having your tea or coffee. In the videos you will find information about how to work with Joomla from A to Z. From installing to extensive configuration of Joomla and its components, plugins and modules. You will also find extensive information about how to work with Joomla commercial templates, how to easily change settings, a very extensive chapter about the Joomla menu system and all its possibilities, simply too much information to sum all up in this writing.

In our years of experience with offering our customers Joomla based websites, we have encountered many Joomla questions, we have attempted to put all those questions from our customers into a 3 1/2 hour video tutorial. Not only the basics will be addressed in this video tutorial, but also very common Joomla errors and problems you might be facing while working with Joomla.


Joomla Video Tutorials by Joomtorial