The Tutorial
Written by Piet Nutbey   

I'm currently working through the JoomTorial video tutorial and just want to mention that it is turning out to be a tremendous help. Thanks so much for an excellent training resource!


Keep Rocking!
Written by Rampantheart   

I installed Joomla successfully on my site with the help of your video! New to both Joomla and my current host, I had problems installing the awesome CMS! Thankfully, all the problems have been sorted and I can't be happier! Now, I am sure your video tutorials will help me overcome any problems as regards modules, installation of plugins and templates and other complexities! Thanks a million for the help! I plan to launch my website next week!

I will do my best to promote this site so that other noobs like me can benefit from this.

Cheers! Keep rocking!


Nice Product
Written by Piet Nutbey   

"You've got a nice product there. I'm making my way through the lessons, but well done! Wish you luck."


Very very useful
Written by Piet Nutbey   

"I downloaded the Tutorial, very very useful... thanks a million."

Gary Goy

Downloading the tutorial is a benefit
Written by Piet Nutbey   

"I love that I was able to download the Joomla video tutorial, now I can watch whenever, where ever, not just online in a browser window."

Erik Florida

Sensational Joomtorial
Written by Piet Nutbey   

"I am extremely happy with my Joomla website. Technology is not my strength and with my own personal tutor, I can easily manage the website myself.

Joomtorial has provided me with the knowledge and skills in order to comfortably do the administrative changes myself. The combination of the visual and verbal instructions have made my learning experience very pleasurable. I feel like I have my own special tutor sitting beside me holding my hand helping me.

Joomtorial has really made a difference and has given me the confidence to work on my own website. I highly recommend the Joomla video tutorials if you want to learn how to use Joomla!!!!!"


Great Product!
Written by Mark   

"Thanks for helping all Joomla! 1.5 using web designers to provide this amazing 'joomtorial' service to their clients. The feedback has been awesome !!

The tutorials are easy to follow and are a huge addition to the delivered product at the end. Clients love it and I save a lot of time NOT explaining Joomla! to my clients."



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